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nurtures active citizenship in young leaders

to inspire civic action.

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Purpose of Community Connect

  • Community Connect encourages youth to initiate social (civic) change by taking them through a step by step journey. This involves building awareness, increasing knowledge and empowering them with skills and leadership tools to take action. 

  • These empowered youth play the role of bridging the gap between the community and urban local bodies to build collaborative governance systems. Thereby inspiring the youth  onto a long term social change journey.

Why is Civic Action Important? 

  • Increased dependence on local governments to resolve civic issues has burdened the governance systems and also fortified a lack of civic engagement on citizens’ part.

  • Involvement in civic action helps youth learn to interact with their community and develop the skills, values, and sense of empowerment necessary to become active citizens.

  • When citizens are engaged, they can exchange ideas, invest in finding solutions and employ efforts to address the day-to-day issues facing their communities.

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The Community Connect Fellowship (CCF) – is a leadership program building active citizenship in youth by solving local civic issues and skill based sessions.

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Community Connect Challenge (CCC) is a short-duration action-oriented program to build civic understanding and encourage leadership in youth.

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Community Connect Act-a-thon is a marathon activity to help citizens learn about different civic aspects, such as knowing your neighbourhood, governance system, complaint filing, in a few hours.

Journey of Community Connect

Important Milestones 

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