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You are welcome to interact with our work through the various resources that we have created. These will not only give you an idea of our work but also the principles to apply in your own context. We are happy to personally connect and support any experiments that you would like to do using these as a base.

BRM Blog

Workshop on 'Finding Freedom’, 2023

How to cross the road block on your journey to civic change?

 Can You SAN?

Pedagogy of Sarv-Anumati for Ecoversities

Interactive digitial handbook enagaging in civic journey

Finding Freedom: Transformative Journey into Liberal Values

Introduction to Sarv-Anumati

5 great reasons to
embrace SAN

Train the trainer guide to our civic program

Civic Cards Game:
Amchi Mumbai

 Why be an active citizen?: Impact Story

 Can We Learn Deep Democracy from India

Understanding Sarv-Anumati with Mohan Hirabhai Hiralal

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