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Youth Movement

We are a youth-led movement that acts from a systemic understanding of issues. It is formed by the alumni of our programs who're under 30 years of age. Since 2017, the collective transitioned from a programmatic donor-driven frame to a collectively held Movement. The Movement takes all its decisions with 100% consent (Sarv-Anumati)

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Fools’ Forum

Fools' Forum brings together the alternative communities for learning, sharing and co-creating action. Fools are those who dream of a better world.

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A self-governed process where we take decisions with 100% consent from all the members

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City of Hope

Experimenting to create a model for engaging with the civic affairs of Mumbai and re-instilling hope

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"Over the last five years I have enjoyed being in touch with various dimensions of Blue Ribbon Movement. BRM might be unique in creating a space for action that is at the same time social, cultural and political while not becoming either an NGO bureaucracy or a sharply defined political andolan.

At this juncture in the journey of Indian society and polity this characteristic places BRM in the position to play vital role -- of fostering spaces for reflection on the fundamentals of democracy and a good society without getting embroiled in feverish polarization."

Rajni Bakshi, Independent Author and Journalist

Community Speaks

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Ecosystem Initiatives

The ecosystem is a ‘space between spaces’, the zone where organizations come together and collaborate, often without any centralized funding or only their own agenda. BRM has been building the ecosystem space actively through connecting with several networks and supporting them.

Ecosystem Dialogues

It Is a series of dialogues between BRM and Youth Alliance. Its an inquiry into naming ecosystem as a space and what is its role in nurturing collective action for change.

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