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A world where collective leadership enables action for systemic change

Nurturing leadership through action-reflection and building systemic understanding.


Creating a culture of shared power through the process of deep democracy


Building connections and partnerships for long term social change.


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Together, we are able to sense the emerging future and act cohesively to manifest it. We find new ways to share power and invite people into taking leadership roles in the society.


This approach invites ordinary citizens to become deep volunteers - those immersed in social change beyond their regular jobs. Deep volunteers bring in the energy required to make changes to society. Rather than creating more social workers, this model allows a less resource-intensive and a freer approach to change.


There is a journey for each member that goes well beyond that into their own lives as active citizens.

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What we do

Our how is also our what. In doing Sarv-Anumati, we are building the capacities required for a new world to emerge. Alongside, we are also innovating around this practice of full consent and decision making.


As a Movement, we are also deepening our understanding of the current crisis. This involves not only responding to the challenges on the ground but also those that arise within oneself.

Why we do it

Our problems are complex and inter-related. Solving any one of them will not work, and might give rise to newer issues.

A true response then has to be able to resolve challenges at multiple levels, simultaneously. This includes:

  • the individual (Me),

  • the collective (We),

  • the planet (Us).

The era of individual leaders is giving way to the power of collective leadership. By co-creating a space for self-inquiry and social action, we serve our evolutionary purpose. We do this to create a greater social impact, to deepen our relationships with noble friends and to have a lot of fun!

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The founding thought of BRM is “Together, We Are Stronger”. Building collective power for social good continues to be the intent of BRM even today.

Why Blue

Blue represents the Universal, both as sky and as earth (blue when seen from space). It represents our planetary intent (though originally chosen randomly by the founder as his favourite colour!)

Why Ribbon

The ribbon is both an emblem worn on the heart and a connecting thread that goes across several different spaces and initiatives. This represents the BRM spirit which is made of love and non-violence.

Why Movement

The Movement is an ever renewing journey towards a better world. It is also a reminder to us that we are a part of a larger whole.

The BRM journey has had several phases:

BRM 1.0 (2000-05)

A group of young people doing community projects including Mumbai’s largest inter-school festival, Khoj.

BRM 3.0 (2017-now)

An alumni-led Movement that is building active citizenship and connecting communities through the power of Sarv-Anumati.

BRM 2.0 (2011-16)

A hybrid social enterprise working on civic issues, gender, peace and leadership development among youth. The Gender Lab is a spin off from this phase and continues its work.

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This Movement is part of the legal entity BRM Trust. 

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