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Community Connect

What do all broken cities have in common? A broken social infrastructure, where citizens aren’t connected to each other and their government.

Community Connect changes this by connecting young people to their communities for collective problem solving. As citizens reclaim their power to impact their surroundings, they also tap into the hope and imagination that is required for a city to truly thrive.

Community Connect

Fools’ Forum

The intention of Fools’ Forum is bringing together the alternative communities for learning, sharing and co-creating action. We say, Fools are those who dream of a better world and people around them feel they are crazy.

We have completed 19 Fools’ Forums in the last 5 years by April 2023 bringing close to 1000+ individuals together and connecting 50+ groups. We have sessions ranging from dialogue spaces to panels to parallel workshops (online+offline) on diverse themes.

Ekatva 3 (3).jpg
Fools' Forum

"The conversations are insightful and the sessions are crafted beautifully to offer a wonderful experience. It holds an inclusive and non-judgmental space and welcomes all with love. I really look forward to attending Ekatva every year and deeply appreciate the collective  effort that makes it happen." 


Lochana Adivarekar, Founder, Ubuntu, Participant, Ekatva


Sarv-Anumati Campaign

An 11-day experiment in experiencing the power of collective decision-making. With 580+ participants, we gained practical tools through sessions, dialogues, interactive quizzes, and acts of non-violence.

Ashok Krishnan.JPG

"In a world where only the majority is heard or a single leader is followed, we are taking a step towards collective leadership. As a society, we are moving at an incredible pace. It is crucial that we take the last person with us." 


-Ashok Krishnan, Co-Anchor Campaigns and Events


"This platform where we talk of Sarv-Anumati really opened a different doorway for me to explore what inclusiveness and equality really mean in a professional setting. It has ignited questions in me and I'm happy to have been a part of it."

-Vaishnavi Srinivasan, Participant, SAN Campaign

City of Hope
City of Hope

We are working to actualise the dream of making Mumbai the City of Hope. Young leaders over the city are initiating experiments that open doors for active citizens to engage with Mumbai's civic affairs and have fun doing it!

Leading up to the upcoming Municipal elections, we are warming citizens up with interactive games, civic sessions, conversations with prominent citizens, local audit and Citizen Manifesto.

Manifesto 2.png
FB Live 1.png
Audit 1.png
actathons 1.png

Citizen Games: A card game to initiate conversations among citizens about Mumbai city

Citizens’ Manifesto on the theme of  governance for the city

Facebook Live with prominent citizens about active citizenship

Citizen Audit of a local municipal ward in Mumbai

One day Act-a-thons to initiate action around civic with the youth

Intention- City of Hope.jpg

We believe ‘Together We are Stronger’ and to bring change we all will need to come together. No one organization and person can do it in isolation. As a part of our theory of change, the 5th way, we feel Citizen Movements can bring long term systemic change. Movement of all citizens, that includes seekers, artists, activists, mavericks and youth. These can be from all walks of life NGOs, rights based Movements, government or corporates.

Holding this intent, we are hyper-networked. We actively participate in different networks of alternatives, youth work and civic change.

We have been part of

60 national / global events

23 local events

Co-created 17 event

BRM is made up of radical and bold experiments that birth the future, now. These experiments push ideas around collective power, civic action and youth leadership to create new models that can be replicable.

Being embedded in a network of relationships allows us to sense what is unfolding and to share lessons from our experiments with the larger ecosystem.

Ecosystem Initiatives
Ecosystem initiatives
The youth fest logo.jpeg

2069?: The Youth Fest

From our collective sensemaking emerged the need to have an agendaless space for young leaders to dream freely. Over its last two editions it has brought over 200 young people together in a co-created, experimental space that is self-funded, multi-organizational and youth-led. 
BRM is one of the co-creators of 2069?: The Youth Fest


Youth Vikalp Sangam 2020

It is a process to engage diverse youth in developing a common understanding of the principles and values of true transformation and help them in co-dreaming of alternative ways of living. It creates a youth friendly space to engage, learn and share through sangams in intergenerational spaces too.

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