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Community Connect Challenge

Community Connect Challenge (CCC) is a short-duration action-oriented program to build civic understanding and encourage leadership in youth.

Why join CCC?

  • To understand the governance system of Mumbai.

  • To learn about the constitutional rights and duties of the citizens.

  • To connect with like minded passionate youth.

What does CCC include?

  • Capacity Building: Four sessions on knowing your city, listening, urban governance, and reflection.

  • Individual Actions: Completion of tasks ranging from sharing life stories, interacting with elders and know their old memories of the city, taking action to solve civic issues, etc.

What do we look for?

  • 18-26 year old Mumbai residents.

  • Passion for social change and civic action.

  • Interest in becoming change leaders.

  • Commitment of 5 hrs/week for 2 weeks.

Selection Process:

1. Fill the initial application form.

2. All applicants will receive an e- mail with a list of tasks to complete.

3. Applicants will be shortlisted based on the results of the tasks.


“CCC has taught me that one can always be a good citizen if they wish to be. That is, irrespective of a pandemic, a lockdown or anything, when one seeks to do good then there is always a way. CCC has also taught me the value of reconnecting and staying in touch more personally, something that this generation keeps forgetting amidst liking and commenting on social media, etc. It made me realize that there’s a lot that needs to be done and there’s no point in waiting, complaining or expecting someone else to do it; change starts with you, citizen.”

Isha Parekh, participant CCC Batch 1



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