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Community Connect Fellowship

The Community Connect Fellowship (CCF) – is a leadership program building active citizenship in youth by solving local civic issues and skill based sessions.

Why join CCF?

  • To build leadership skills like listening, Integrity, Communication,  et cetera

  • To understand the governance system of Mumbai.

  • A chance to practice 100% consent based decision making.

  • To connect with like minded passionate youth. 

What does CCF include?

  • Capacity Building: 12 Skill based sessions like Integrity, communication, urban governance,etc.

  • Awareness Campaigns: Fellows will create online awareness on solving civic issues.

  • Mentoring Support: Providing one-on-one support to the youth during their fellowship.

  • Individual Actions: Tasks to inculcate behavioral shifts: Solving civic issues, plastic free week. 

What do we look for?

  • 18-26 year old Mumbai residents.

  • Passion for social. change and civic action.

  • Interest in becoming change leaders.

  • Commitment of  5 hrs/week for 3 months. 

Selection Process:

  1. Fill the initial application form.

  2. All applicants will receive an email with a list of tasks to complete.

  3. Applicants will be shortlisted based on the results of the tasks.

  4. Shortlisted candidates will have a telephonic interview with a CCF team member.


"All the sessions that took place were spot on and has implemented so much of wisdom in me not only related to the civic issues and how it can be solved, but also on various other skills or things which we might neglect on a day to day basis. An example would be the listening session.”

Tonoya Sen, Fellow CCF Batch 11



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