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Community Connect

Community Connect Act-a-thon is a marathon activity to help citizens learn about different civic aspects, such as knowing your neighbourhood, governance system, complaint filing, in a few hours.

Why join Community Connect Act-a-thon ?

  • To learn about different civic aspects.

  • To connect with like minded passionate youth.

  • To enjoy a fun-filled day of action-learning.

What does Community Connect Act-a-thon include?

  • Knowing your city and neighbourhood.

  • Introduction to different civic aspects.

  • A fun sneak peek into civic action.

What do we look for?

  • 18-26 year old Mumbai residents interested in trying something new and fun.

How to Participate?

1 Fill the registration form.

2. Applicants will receive an email with the details of the Act-a-thon.

3. Be there on the designated day & time.

It was definitely knowledgeable all that we learned but in a great interactive way!!✨✨

Maitri, Community Connect Act-a-thon participant



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Actathon 2.png
Actathon 3.png
Actathon 4.png
Actathon 5.png
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