Mumbai+20 was held as a simulation of the United Nations Earth Summit to be held in Rio in June 2012. This event was organized by The Blue Ribbon Movement as a part of the global campaign, MyCity+20 under the Social Leaders Program.

Conceptualised and initiated by students at Sciences Po, Paris, MyCity+20 is a project aimed at mobilizing the youth, educating them on the urgency of Sustainable Development issues and encouraging them to involve themselves in the negotiation process, albeit from a distance. This was done through a simulation of Rio+20 conference. In this manner, the youth locally was involved without sending thousands of people to Rio.

Mumbai+20 is the first in the series. Participants also took up projects on calculating Water Footprint and the project on Bunt building and Seed Collection on the 11th April which built civic and ecological perspective amongst the participants. BNHS (Bombay Nature History Society) has provided their support for organising these activities.

Over 50 participants from different colleges were selected to participate in this simulation which was held on 14th and 15th April 2012 at ‘SP Jain Institute of Management and Research’.

The students were divided to represent 27 state and non-state delegations.

Over the course of two days, the delegates went through a whole lot of activities. The Panelist discussion on “Does the Green Economy include you?” opened up a whole new dimension of thinking on Green economy inclusion.

That was followed by a 3 min speech covering topics that the countries wished to see amended in the final draft. Moderated debates, informal negotiations and statements took place. The concluding day started off with the floor being open for an Open Debate to further discuss on the amendments and then the round of Voting was done to pass the amendments.

All the students then came to draft a declaration on behalf of Mumbai+20.

This was followed by ‘debriefing session’ where participants discussed about their learnings from the program. They were given away certificates and awards for the best delegation.

Please click here to download the conference booklet to get a detailed lowdown on what happened at Mumbai+20.