The Community Connect Fellowship (CCF) – is a 7 month leadership development program empowering youth to be active citizens through service learning.

It also aims to develop their employability skills through on-ground action including mobilizing volunteers and facilitating democratic discussions.

CCF was voted as the 2nd best Democracy Innovation at The World Forum for Democracy 2014, France by around 600 delegates present at the Forum. It continues to build active citizens (ACTizens) to solve day-to-day civic issues.

What’s unique about CCF?

CCF is a constructive approach to bridge the gap between citizens and Government authorities. It replaces cynicism with hope, and indifference with action by creating a solution focus rather than a complaining mindset.

When the community connects to each other, it improves its capacity to solve its own problems. Citizens can then ACT together rather than depending on the government alone to solve their problems.

The CCF works through a multi-layered action modelACTizenCCF is a volunteering opportunity for young people interested in self-development and civic change. It expects a part-time commitment from fellows and is offered at no cost to the participants. Some parts of CCF are also open for interested citizens to engage for civic change.

It directly meets the objectives 3 and 4 of the National Youth Policy of India 2014.

If you are inspired with the ideas to do something for the city join us as a volunteer and attend our Open Events. Check the CCF Facebook page for updates

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