The Avanti Foundation – an initiative of Mr. Ashank Desai, Founder of Mastek, has partnered with The Blue Ribbon Movement to run Avanti Young Women Leadership Program (AYWLP) for young women in schools and colleges.

After being run for over 5000 girls, the AYWLP is now a robust and effective leadership training intervention that can be run for women in different communities and address a whole range of social issues.

The following are the objectives of the program:

  1. To take young women beyond academic excellence to being all rounded leaders
  2.  Learn about leadership through workshops and direct contribution to the society
  3.  Help them build confidence, take responsibility for themselves and their communities, learn to work in teams, and overcome fears
  4. To develop a vision for themselves to become extraordinarily successful in terms of their career and life.

It is intended towards bringing out the leaders in young girls through service learning.

Our training program will:

  • Boost their confidence
  • Give them a sense of purpose
  • Allow them to be creative
  • Help them to think out of the box
  • And of course learn leadership skills.

It is a different learning experience customized to the group of girls we address, with respect to language used as well as the kind of interaction we design.

 The community project is a way of getting the girls to:

  • Apply what they have learnt in the training program
  • Get involved with a social issue in their community
  • Interact with people from various communities
  • Discover new things about themselves
  • And of course develop their leadership skills


We believe that young girls have the potential to be the leaders of tomorrow and bring about the changes they want to see.