I Clean Toh Mumbai Clean

15 participants                   8 months            1 exciting social campaign

Kick-started in October 2010 Blue Ribbon Social Leaders Program has been an exciting journey. After a rigorous selection process, we selected 15 bright youth from 17 – 24 years for the leadership journey. These were taken through an intensive orientation at the end of which emerged the campaign issue. The first batch picked ‘Cleanliness in Public Spaces’ as their issue to work on. Thus was born I Clean toh Mumbai Clean (ICTMC), a campaign to target individual behavior towards keeping the city clean.

The campaign

ICTMC was first taken to schools through different activities – reaching 8000 school children – ranging from taking a cleanliness oath to making and gifting paper bags, interviewing school sweepers to actually cleaning up the entire school premises and so on. The response received from them was heartening.

In St. Stanislaus School, Bandra, the Vice-Principal herself joined in our Random Acts of Cleanliness with a broom in her hand! Please find the videos here – http://www.youtube.com/user/ICTMC About 200 students of this school planned and executed activities in their respective localities and societies on 10 April, 2011. The participants enjoyed leading the school children in different activities. We also introduced a case study contest for students from 100 BMS colleges in Mumbai through the portal www.bms.co.in. The cases included one on railways and another on introducing an ExNoRa kind of an initiative in Mumbai (www.exnora.org). Apart from these, through the ICTMC Facebook page we continually spread awareness about cleanliness-related issues, news, and articles.

ICTMC culminated in celebration of a ‘Jhadoo Uthao!’ C-Day – Cleanliness Day – on Sunday, 17 April. We started at St. Teresa School, Santacruz West, through Random Acts of Cleanliness. Through these small, fun acts, we had conversations with shopkeepers, auto-rickshaw drivers, pedestrians on the issue at hand, convincing them to do their bit towards keeping Mumbai city clean. There was also a signature campaign undertaken to push for installation of dual dustbins in public spaces and a survey to check how many people are aware of the BMC rule making segregation compulsory.


Alongside working on the campaign, the participants went through workshops ranging from Reflection and Personal Growth, Leadership, Overcoming Fear, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy to Using Social Media, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Perspectives in Waste Management. All of this was supported by regular mentoring, feedback, and discussion. In their end-term report, all participants have reported growing as individuals and leaders with increased confidence in working with others, especially on a social project. They have also learned what it is like to be a part of a new initiative and work in the midst of challenges and dynamic situations.

Facebook Pics: http://www.facebook.com/ICTMC/photos