Mumbai is India’s finance, entertainment and entrepreneurial capital. Yet, the condition of the city is deteriorating – we are the 7th dirtiest city (Forbes study) and the 5th worst quality of life (Mercer study) in the world.

It’s time to reclaim the city.

My Mumbai is a long term project that aims to create ownership for the city amongst its citizens. When we treat this city as our own, we will be personally involved in solving its most pressing challenges.

The BMC election was a great excuse to launch a series of these projects.

The My Mumbai project has various sub projects. Some of these are:

  •  Vada Pav – voter mobilization
    The vada pav is a common connector for Mumbai. And its omnipresent! But less than half of the city votes. Hence more people eat a vada pav than vote. The aim of this project is to make voting as common as the vada pav. The project will involve getting people to pledge to vote, and then pulling them out on the day of election to vote.
  • Mangta Hai – citizen dialogues
    Mangta Hai gets us to specifically state what we want – and understand why exactly do we not have it yet. It includes meetings with corporators, interaction across citizens of different strata, ‘possibility’ dialogues on the city and ward charters. Powerful conversations are essential to a powerful city – and this is what will drive them.
  • Art4Mumbai – art for civic engagement
    A set of competitions and compilations, this project aims to use art to highlight and articulate challenges in the city as well as our aspirations. It will have sub themes that will use the core logo and replace ‘art’ (like Click4Mumbai or Sing4Mumbai etc)
  • Seva Sena
    The idea of doing random acts of kindness that bind the city together into a more loving and closely knit community, and a group of volunteers who initiate these. In a city of many ‘Senas’ that are generally angry and fighting, this is an army of love, kindness and generosity