Sustainaware 2014 Intercontinental Youth Project, coordinated by No Excuse Slovenia.

Theme:  Awareness of the importance of sustainable development, it is already apparent from the name itself: Sustain + Aware. Partners in the project are youth NGOs in Argentina ( TierraVida ), India (Blue Ribbon Movement ), Croatia ( OASIS ), Hungary (BeYOUnique), Nigeria ( NYCAN ), Liechtenstein ( Symbiose Gemeinschaft ) and the US ( Global Kids ). The main purpose of project is to establish a network of partnerships with other global youth organizations with similar strategic objectives, greater involvement of young people in society, including those with fewer opportunities and exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of non-formal education. The project Sustainaware organized in 2014 three global meetings (Slovenia, India and the US), many local youth events, seminars, international training, study visits and evaluation meetings, which are the result of creative collaboration socially beneficial and active young people from five continents.The project is funded by the European Commission with additional support to the Office for Youth.