South Asian Youth Conference (SAYC) was born when a group of South Asian youth came together at the 5th World Youth Congress in Turkey. They felt the deep connection of shared culture and history between them. But they also found several unresolved issues, incomplete conversations and possibilities of partnership.

Hence, the need for a space where young leaders converge, discuss and collaborate led to Blue Ribbon Movement organizing the 1st conference in Bangalore. It was a success on many fronts – it managed to get every country in the SAARC region represented. It gave birth to several projects including the South Asian Good News channel and the Mangalore Youth Leadership Conclave. Our Action Based Change Declaration was well received across the globe and finally presented to the UN in New York. It became synonymous with the theme of Peace.

But our biggest victory was personal bonds and friendships. We aim to bring peace and co-operation in the region through ‘deep ties’ – genuine friendships between leaders who are making a difference across borders.
SAYC 2012
This year, the conference moves from its country of origin (India) to Pakistan. JDO being the National Lead Organizer along with BRM and other partners will take the conference to the next level. And as you read this, we working very hard to create a memorable and historically significant conference!
There are several organizations working at the South Asian level in different areas – we believe its time to start aligning their efforts and move towards the principle ‘Together We are Stronger!’.
Hence, SAYC witnessed the birth of the South Asian Youth Coalition – a group of youth organizations committed to building a stronger region. The SAYC thus becomes a focal point for these highly influential change makers to connect, collaborate and build connections.
Every bit of help for SAYC is a step towards a peaceful region – we are sure you will do your bit.
SAYC 2011
The very first SAYC was organized by the Blue Ribbon Movement and held in Bangalore, India from 23rd to 28th May 2012