Blue Ribbon draws inspiration from several individuals and organizations. Our ideas are shaped directly or indirectly through them. Some of these are :

  • Initiatives of Change : Our ideas around integrity (honesty) and silence (quiet time) as well as a vision for a peaceful world, (Viral Mazumdar)
  • Rotaract Movement: The belief in youth energy and engaging youngsters effectively – the earliest format of Blue Ribbon was based on Rotaract’s (Pankaj Phatarphod)
  • Phase Five: An organization that organized learning camps and workshops, ideas on sustainability and community are drawn from here (Vinod Sreedhar, Leslie Nazareth)
  • Center for Civil Society: Ideas around civic engagement and participative democracy stem from here (Parth Shah and Manali Shah)
  • Service Space (Charity Focus): Acts of generosity and an ecosystem of social change, that we consider ourselves to be a part of (Nipun Mehta & CF Family)
  • Manavsadhna and Moved by Love (Ahmedabad): The idea of service and servant leadership come from here (Jayesh Bhai and Madhusudan Agarwal)
  • Peace Child International : Our ecological engagement has been deeply influenced and driven by ideas from Peace Child International (David Woollcombe)