Social change has to be beneficial to the change-maker as well. For large scale social transformation, individuals, particularly youth need to act on a large scale.

However, youth also have their own economic and career-related compulsions, which keep most away from ‘social good’

When and individual is able to see the link between benefiting the world around and his own growth, action becomes easy

While volunteering is a great way to contribute, leadership goes beyond volunteering. It requires research and a thorough understanding of the issue. It involves asking provocative questions and then identifying the point of highest impact. And it involves reflection.

We are creating a system where youngsters come in, experience personal growth and in the process, almost as a side effect, make a difference.

A world where every person has contributed a little to the society directly, and gained in the process will naturally be a world of sensitive, kind, caring individuals. A program that inspires individuals towards greatness and integrity will create a world of greatness and character.

Finally, such a community of leaders will become an important force in shaping the overall destiny of our planet.