Blue Ribbon is guided by a set of ideas and beliefs – their interpretation and application constantly evolves :

  • Together we are stronger: The power of collective, and the possibility of finding common ground to achieve what is beneficial for all. Togetherness doesn’t imply ‘sameness’, rather it implies a willingness to align towards universal values.
  • Follow your heart: Working on our deepest calling is central to fulfilling our own potential and contributing to the world. Unique individuals who have come alive push the human race forward.
  • The best brains to solve the biggest problems: The social space presents the biggest challenges of our day and age. Yet, economic incentive systems of the free market economy do not incentivize the most equipped people to solve
  • Systemic social change: Social change that ultimately makes ourselves redundant – solutions that can operate by themselves and are thought factoring in every stakeholder’s interest
  • Be the change: A constant commitment to kindness, generosity and practicing leadership in our daily lives, so that our own journeys also move forward.
  •  We are one family: The entire planet as a single entity, hence serving any part of it being service to ‘ourselves’. When we follow the ‘universal agenda’, we experience soul force – an energy that drives us to contribute more.
  • The power of connections: Connecting ‘land’ to ‘lab’ (governance to people), connecting individuals to form communities and connecting organizations and leaders. Our aim then is to be one of the many hubs rather than be a ‘top level’ organization.