Our 5 year intent is to take the Social Leadership Program to 1 million individuals. In 2012-13 we will be reaching 10,000 of them.

The time and youth energy generated in the process will be channelized towards several causes – of these, the three we are working on are:

Civic engagement: transforming cities by creating participative democracy and active citizenship. This translates into hope-driven people having solution-oriented discussions and holding the collective responsibility for change

Environment: Prompting urgent action at all levels to move towards a sustainable planet. This translates into a world where links between environmental issues and other social problems is fully understood, and there is action at every level to cope up with the emerging eco-challenges.

Gender Issues: ensuring equal rights and access for women. This translates into a balanced world where the feminine has an equally active and unique role to play – greater respect for women and higher participation in decision making for them

A more detailed individual world view of one of our founders can be read here.